Greetings Friends,


I am humbled and honored to be the State Representative for Florida House District 101. Since the election this past November, I have been working in the District and Tallahassee on behalf of all residents. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact our everyday lives and I am constantly mindful of the needed resources for our community to bring comfort and opportunities. I continue to ensure that residents have access to Covid-19 testing and vaccines, employment, housing and nutrition assistance and awareness of the stimulus funding offered by President Biden. As a community, we are in this together and always know we can strive to make a difference for our families, friends, and neighbors.


Together, we will work to impact the District and State of Florida in a positive way. My priorities will always be to seek resources for COVID-19 recovery, bolster our schools, make health care affordable; including mental health resources, improve our public transportation system, enhance public safety, and establish public/private partnerships to foster economic development which can create jobs in the District.


 After making several trips to Tallahassee in preparation for committee meetings and the start of my legislative session duties, I am reminded every day that a “seat at the table” is essential to bring necessary change. I will use this privilege to the best of my ability.


Please check this website and follow my social media accounts regarding the legislative session and District events. In addition, please contact the District or Tallahassee offices if you require any constituent service. My staff and me look forward to address inquiries and will strive to provide a timely response.


Take care and be safe!


Yours in service,



Interested Student

Our schools need the support of our state legislature. I will work with my colleagues to implement physical security upgrades in our schools; promote learning in a positive school climate while fostering open communication among staff...


America needs to move from a sick-care system to a healthcare system.  I plan on working with my colleagues to make healthcare spending tax free for employees; address mental health issues in our communities;


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Police Car

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Business Meeting

Economic growth and stability is essential to our communities. I will collaborate and partner with the private sector to assist college graduates with housing and other services...